What is Business Watch?

Business Watch, modeled after Neighborhood Watch, extends the concept of community vigilance to the commercial sector. It fosters collaboration between businesses, law enforcement, and organizations representing business interests.

What Business Watch Offers:

  • Alert System: Develop channels for rapid dissemination of crime-related information.
  • Awareness: Increase public awareness of security issues within the business community.
  • Communication: Foster understanding between law enforcement and business owners.
  • Cooperation: Encourage collaboration among neighboring merchants.
  • Education: Educate merchants on security measures and prompt reporting of suspicious activities.
  • Emergency Response: Create signals to notify neighboring businesses in emergencies.
  • Minimize Criminal Opportunities: Empower your business and reduce the risk of victimization by proactively enhancing security measures.
  • Network: Establish connections between businesses for swift and accurate information exchange.
  • Protection: Safeguard yourself, your business, and your employees.
  • Partnerships: Forge alliances between local businesses and law enforcement to combat crime effectively.
  • Training: Provide employees with the knowledge and skills to respond effectively to security threats.

Join us in creating a safer and more secure business environment in Westmoreland County. Together, we can prevent crime and promote prosperity for all businesses.

For inquiries or assistance, contact First Sergeant A. Smith by calling (804)493-0106 or by email at ansmith@westcoso.us 

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