Patrol sheriff's group

The Patrol Division of the Westmoreland County Sheriff's Office is the frontline of law enforcement in our community, managed by First Sergeant B. Fogarty. Comprising two squads divided into four shifts, each overseen by a Patrol Sergeant, our division ensures round-the-clock coverage for the safety and security of Westmoreland County.

The primary mission of our Patrol Division is to provide swift and effective law enforcement response to the community. Beyond mere response, we are committed to proactive community policing and crime prevention efforts, traffic enforcement, civil paper service, and other forms of civil assistance.

Deputies assigned to the Patrol Division are integral members of our community's emergency service network. They collaborate closely with various emergency service providers, including EMS, Fire Departments, VDOT, Juvenile Intake, and the Community Services Board. Additionally, we work hand in hand with other law enforcement agencies serving the community, such as the Virginia State Police, Virginia Conservation Police, and Virginia State Park Police.

When you call the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Office for assistance, our Patrol Division deputies are your first point of contact. They handle all initial investigative duties related to calls for service in our county. From meeting with reporting individuals to interviewing witnesses and suspects, collecting evidence, rendering first aid, effecting arrests, and conducting crash investigations, our deputies are there every step of the way.

While our Patrol Deputies are well-equipped to handle a wide range of situations, they also have access to specialized training in investigative techniques, narcotics detection and investigation, evidence recovery, police bicycle operation, crisis intervention team (CIT) training, and more. This advanced training enhances their ability to respond effectively to the diverse needs of our community.

Moreover, our Patrol Division is home to several specialized units, including the Strategic Response Team (SRT), K-9 Unit, Bike Patrol Team, Search & Rescue Team, Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Team, and Motors Team. These units play vital roles in enhancing the safety and well-being of our community members.

At the Westmoreland County Sheriff's Office, our Patrol Division is dedicated to serving and protecting our community with professionalism, integrity, and compassion. We are committed to fostering positive relationships with our residents and ensuring a safe environment for all.