The Westmoreland County Sheriff's Office has established a Chaplain Unit to provide emotional and spiritual support for all personnel, their families, and to the public. This unit is also implemented as a resource to assist appointees with the demands, challenges and pressures associated with the law enforcement profession as well as in their personal lives.

Chaplains serve as volunteers and will be non-sworn, unarmed representatives of the office. These individuals will carry a sheriff's office identification card while acting in an official capacity. The unit is open to any ordained member of the clergy who resides in Westmoreland or is the leader of a place of worship located in the county. There are currently five Chaplains in this unit. Their commitment, dedication and passion to serve is to be commended. 

We believe that the Chaplain Unit will be an invaluable asset which will coincide with our philosophy of providing an excellent work environment and comprehensive service to our community.

For further information, contact LT Anthony Darby at (804) 493-8066 or email