Westmoreland County Certified as a Crime Prevention Community

At the Criminal Justice Services Board Meeting on Thursday, June 15, 2023, Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Office was presented certification as a Certified Crime Prevention Community. The program is administered by the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) with a goal to certify and publicly recognize localities that have implemented a defined set of community safety strategies as part of a comprehensive crime prevention/safety plan.

To obtain certification, twelve core community safety elements/strategies augmented by a minimum of seven approved optional elements must be implemented and in compliance with said standards. Certification is for a period of three years and a reassessment process for recertification occurs every three years thereafter. Currently, there are twelve localities across the commonwealth that have achieved this status. For more in-depth information concerning the Certified Crime Prevention Community Program, please access the DCJS website.

I’m extremely proud and excited to have Westmoreland County certified as a Crime Prevention Community. The process has taken approximately one year beginning with the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors Resolution to fulfilling the extensive set of guidelines provided through the Certified Crime Prevention Community Program. Sheriff’s office personnel have worked diligently, continuously and in complete partnership with all facets of our community to include churches, business, neighborhoods, school division, youth and seniors to obtain this certification. The program requirements are not designed to be easy, nor ‘rubber stamped’ and require a dedicated effort to obtain and maintain. Your sheriff’s office is committed to this process which promotes accountability and professionalism to keep our community safe through proven strategies and initiatives.

C.O. Balderson, Sheriff

Pictured left to right: Lieutenant Colonel John L. Hoover, III, Captain Joshua F. Jones, Master Deputy Antwan X. Smith, Sheriff C.O. Balderson and First Sergeant Danny J. Brooks

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