1957 jail 1911 jail
Last Westmoreland Sheriffs Jail built in 1957. The jail was torn down in 1997. The Chief Jailer and his wife had living quarters in the front of the jail. He was responsible for security of inmates and his wife cooked all meals for the inmates. This system was replaced in 1977. This photo was taken in the late1970's.
This jail was built in 1911 and was used up until 1957. The building still exists and is used for storage. The jail contained a large cell area in the center of the building with a small walkway around all sides. It was heated by a wood stove. The cell area can still be identified by the raised concrete floor and cut off cell bars .See photo below and to the left.
1911 jail floor circuit court house
Corner of cell area in 1911 jail. The round circles in the floor are what remain of the cell bars where they were sawed off. The entire cell area was approx 8 feet by 15 feet.
The Historic Circuit Court House in Montross Virginia. The third courthouse in the county, it was built in 1817 and continued to be used for felony court trials until 1992.

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