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Did you Really Win The Shopping Spree at Walmart?

Reports have been made that attempts to get bank account numbers over the telephone have occurred in the county. The caller advises the citizen that they have won a shopping spree at Walmart but need their checking account number to process the claim. In reality there is no Shopping spree, this IS an attempt to get your account numbers and take your money. Please be on the alert for scams like this and if contacted do not give out any personal information.
Remember, It is not wise to give your banking information over the phone.

If you suspect fraud or feel you have become a victim of fraud you should contact your local or state law enforcement agency. You may also file a complaint with the FTC by clicking on the Consumer Sentinel link found in the helpful links section of this web site. Residents of Westmoreland County Virginia may also contact the Sheriffs Office at 804-493-8066.




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