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Beware of Email Fraud

Please be alert for possible scams through the internet. With its growing popularity the internet has become a convenient vehicle for con artists to snag potential victims. Their goal is to separate you from your money.

While there are various ways of scamming a person over the internet, below are examples of reported incidents that have occurred within our county:

1- You may receive email from someone that they represent a deceased relative, a lottery, or you are a sweepstakes winner, and that you need to send them money to pay for legal fees in order to collect the the big money. Even if the victim replies and informs them that they have no money, the criminal may have a another person posing as an investor contact you as a reference. They will try to get you to deposit cash into an account by cashing money orders or checks they send. You are then asked to send them money through a wire service. Normally a check or money order will clear the bank or financial institution in one to three days and you can draw money on them, however, it can take up to two weeks for them to get to there final destination and be returned as counterfeit or just "no good" for whatever reason.

2- If you begin corresponding with these persons, one may ask you to cash a check or several checks for them for a given reason. Most of these checks are drawn from a bank outside the area. It is usually returned in two weeks as counterfeit, forged or "no good".

Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. You may consider just deleting these messages when you receive them. Also, when corresponding with anyone over the computer or telephone, It is unwise to reveal any personal information if you did not initiate the contact.
These emails are usually recognized by poor grammar or broken English and state that you may receive a share of money for very little effort. That effort usually requires you to put forth a couple hundred dollars, convert their checks or money orders, or release your banking information in anticipation of money being placed into the account.

Be aware that a lot of these scams originate in places like the Ukraine, Great Britain, and Nigeria just to name a few. This makes recovery of your money extremely difficult if not impossible.



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